May 22, 2010
Wisdom is not what we see,
In the norm of life,
Sitting in a class.
Wisdom is what is not,
Visible to the everyday world.
But hidden in our happiness

Is pain.
The pains of life bring wisdom.
Wisdom is learning to cope with pain.
Wisdom is screams of anger.
Wisdom is pain brought by tears.
The rush of life around you.
Quick thinking.
Life saving.
Love dealing.
How to deal with life?
Real life?
How to hide the suffering?
Real harm?
You bring relief through wisdom.
Wisdom for,
Those whop never,
Saw, for They who never,
Spoke, for We fighting tears for strength.
Now United to,
Speak to them,
To see, finally see,
To cry for them.
Never again should we,
Long for peace,
That forgiveness might come,
That we may,



That we may,


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