May 21, 2010
loving him was like a drug.
i lived for it, i needed it,
he was good at first,
cared for me, loved me,
whispered sweet.
kind words for only me,
and started to get bad,
if i was ten minutes late,
he would demand.
to know where i was.
when my words wasn't good,
enough. he would hit me,
the first time was a shock,
he said he was sorry,
he said he wouldn't do it again,
i believed him. i ended up,
in the hospital with broken bones,
he ended up behind bars,
he said he was sorry,
but he wasn't. how could you hurt someone.
you claimed to love?,
i don't think you can. so he didn't love me,
i was the one who got hurt,
so i put him and those broken bones,
behind me, for good,

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