Private Efforts

May 21, 2010
By IceSolider SILVER, Menifee, California
IceSolider SILVER, Menifee, California
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My efforts to ignore everything has ended, see peace to me is when I close my eye's. When I close my eye's i'm everything I want to be and more. For long I wish to live in my mind, for some I sound so lost in the world. But yes my mind is where I want to be, listen to me as I scream.... No answer or a care in the world for me, for my voice carries to through the lost souls. Life to live to breath knowing the grim reaper is lurking.Busy people tend to ignore the hands that gives and takes. For this they lose whats right, They tend to abuse the power of life. Ah but yes who am I to judge because as I said not a care in the world.I live in the gliming lights, as I wear the finer things. But i'm not happy for material things. I smile through the words I express with weapons for truth. A pencil and paper my mind the amo. I aim to the people who live without thought, the ones who don't listen. Fear not to the words I write, this is not a farewell note i'm just expressing what I feel.

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