Nothing in particular

June 9, 2010
By mus1cp0et1 BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
mus1cp0et1 BRONZE, Salem, Massachusetts
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"I'm lifted and gifted""You can't learn to live until you learn to die"Like one that on a lonesome road doth walk in fear and dread, and having once turned round walks on, and turns no more his head; because he knows, a frightful fiend doth close be"

Walking down the street thinking thoughts nothing in particular
I saw a puddle with upon it a floating leaf lie
could it be like a boat lost out at sea
with aboard it a talking beaver and his friends the flying penguin and the raven named Poe
or is it nothing in particular
Still walking I stop and ponder at the greenest grass I have ever to see...
Again I think could it be grass tended by small magical dwarfs
or just a nothing in particular gardener
Again on my way I see a flower softly leaning toward its side
could it be caused by ladybugs inhabiting it
or grasshoppers throwing a business party
or just some nothing in particular wind and rain
Once again on my way I hear a sort of buzzing noise I look and see a bee
could it be a worker trying to get pollen to make honey and feed his 97 children or doing nothing in particular
After walking and seeing all these wonders I finally get home
I open the door and see my mother ready to ask me what I saw
and simply I say…
nothing in particular

The author's comments:
At the charter school there was a school wide poetry contest and i had got the idea for the topic because of a service learning project my english teacher who at the time was my service learning teacher as well had given us an assignment outdoors to create a list of things "nothing in particular" which is where i got my title and the beginning of my idea <3

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