13 ways to look at a girl

June 9, 2010
By Jkane BRONZE, Elsworth, Maine
Jkane BRONZE, Elsworth, Maine
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13 ways to look at a girl
Among the 200 people
around me the only
one I saw was her.
There were three girls around
her. She was standing
there like a tree.
I saw pure beauty.
Her hair swirled and in the
autumn winds filled a big part
of my day.
She and I are meant to be
two apples in the apple tree.
I do not wish to eat the other
apples in the street.
Her beauty is all I need.
I think she is the one.
She would be lots of fun.
That’s what I need. While I'm young
She and I have just begun.
I sit there and watch her walk by together. We multiply
I hope she will see me. But I don’t think she will. Watching her is a thrill
but maybe, maybe she will.
But if she doesn’t it’s ok.
I get to see her for the next 365 days. I can wait with
hope at the end of the year.
She and I will still be here.
I hope I don’t stay back
Then She and I would become
unattached. I would not like that; it would hurt.
Maybe she and I will make it work.
If she and I combine I would be so happy inside.
It coudn’t be hid.
It would be like a jar with no lid.
I hope one day I will be able to stay.
It would be a very good day. At the end things would
change but it would all be the same.
Maybe she is going to the dance.
If she does I will be in a trance.
Her beauty would be in the colored light;
it would be the night of all nights.
In the future maybe we will meet
maybe be friends or maybe just maybe
we will be together to the end.

The author's comments:
this is the best I have done i hope you like it

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on Jul. 6 2010 at 7:33 pm
christin.bass SILVER, Eagle River, Alaska
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This was very good. I could feel every word. You painted a clear picture, it was great to read keep writing.


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