The Great War

June 9, 2010
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Before the sun hath risen in the east
Before the morning bird had chance to call
Darkness came to banish all with lives
Mankind was sure to fall…………

Darkness showed no mercy
Monsters and witches his army,
They killed and killed
And they demolished everything as far as the eye could see.
Surely mankind was to fall……………..

But fate can replay any game,
And God can create miracles,
Hath not the light of hope shined through?
Why people died in despair?
Very few nobles
And even fewer true hearts,
Stood their ground bravely to
Fight the intruders.
At first they reasoned
But to no avail,
So they took their weapons and prepared to defend.

The war was bloody,
Many good souls were lost,
But fate can replay any game
And God can create miracles.
After a many bloodshed,
Mankind finally won,
We returned victorious to our beloved homes.
This war is long forgotten
And now more of a legend,
The past is past
And time moves fast to remember such events.

But here in history
This Great War will lie
And be remembered when we turn the pages of time………………

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