final act

June 1, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm growing bigger and bigger and larger so much,
that my head cant wrap around while you cause such a fuss,
at this scene of destruction a little girls life,
has become a clear misery right in front of your sight.

A mockery to make of such an odd creature,
for the show will go on as she stays the main feature,
and this band will play as you laugh at her,
no company that stays will be able to cure.

This lullaby she sings soothes a broken heart,
but no mending will work for shes broken apart,
into peices to small for a human to fix,
no amount of praying will do this trick.

The curtains are opening as they laugh right on sight,
for this monster is frightening when put in the spot light,

but they still laugh because fear wouldn't suffice,
and she lays on the floor with the fight of her life.

As she heres the laughter her heart becomes numb,
to the whistles and screaming the buzzing and hums.

She circles the room and the audience grows quiet,
what is she doing is she being defiant?

has she lost her mind a little girl screams,
no she's ready for you, your whole life all you mean,

and she leaps in the air taking heads one by one,
leaving chaos in the air for what she has done.

She smiles to the bodies that lay at her feet,
the people who hurt her who thought she was weak.

Hello she speaks to her audience at last
this is for all of you, my final act.

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