The Poet Goes to Indiana

June 1, 2010
By morganboundy BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
morganboundy BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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Let me tell you about the time
I choose to study in Indiana.
The good and the bad.

I was placed smack-dab in the center of cornfields,
Away from any real civilization.
Which started the trouble and breaking the rules.

Smoking out of our windows,
Skinny dipping in the lake,
Sneaking into class buildings with boyfriends,
Or sneaking into boys barracks.
What about the times
We signed ourselves out
And took a trip to Chicago?

Or took a nice dip on a steaming hot day in the fountain,
Or dressed up as townies and left campus,
Or threw water balloons at freshman,
Or snuck out of a window?

And I can’t forget to mention the friends I have made.
The roommates I snuggle with at night,
Watch movies till we pass out,
Shower, gossip, giggle, and cried with.

And the boyfriends who I loved,
Or liked,
Or maybe neither.
And the friends who heard me cry about them,
And laughed when I was over them in two seconds.

You tell me about the time I choose to study
In Indiana.
Was it good or bad?

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