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June 1, 2010
By Tazy-chan BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
Tazy-chan BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Death is a natural part of life and is unavoidible to anyone. But if the life you lead lacks purpose you're dead already.

Did you know
that she's terrified of
being all alone in this world
or that
she hates fighting but is
still somehow good at it?
Did you know
that she loves her friends and family
more then she loves herself
or that
she wants to leave everthing behind
and start a new life one day?
Did you know
that things have died
in her own hands before
or that
she is scared of
what will one day be her?
Did you know
that despite all of the fear,
and hate that she has seen and felt
that she will move on,
grow stronger,
and live another day
just for the love that she has felt?

The author's comments:
Felt like writing about myself the other day. Kinda sad.

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