Time and Money

June 4, 2010
By G.H.T BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
G.H.T BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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hey guys you know what time it is ...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that guy standing on one hand
In the warm summer sand
Now he is balancing himself with one finger
Look at all those people linger
I think one of them is a famous singer
It’s like these people have all the time they ever wanted
I wonder if they’ve been haunted
Or if they ever tasted something rotten
And if they made something out of cotton
I wonder if they ever get tired of spending money
On all that tasty honey
I think that’s really funny
But not as funny as Bugs Bunny
They seem like they don’t have any problems
But that’s just what you see on the outside
There face is like makeup
Covering all that bad stuff from the inside
They should stop putting on that fake act
But they just want people to cut them some slack
What about all the people without a lot of money
Their days aren’t as sunny
They don’t have all that time to stand around a guy
Doing all sorts of tricks
And to see which other one he picks
These people getting all amazed
What about the other things they erased
From there childhood list
When they were only six
Well you know some people just work
To provide things for there family
A couple of toys
For the cute little boys
They go and play making a lot of noise

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