June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Stop treating me like a child

I’m old enough to hear the truth
Stop holding me back

It’ll just be harder in the end
Stop treating me like the weak one

This has only made me stronger
Start looking at reality

I’m all grown up

Hold me like a child

When I need you the most
Treat me like a baby

When I need to be your little girl
Put me on the safe side

When I need to be protected
Pull me tight

When I need to know you’re there
Help heal the pain

When it’s too much for me to bear
Take my side

I’m only a child

The author's comments:
My life and experiences inspired me to write this piece. Constantly as teenagers we complain about being treated like children by our parents, hopefully it's not too late before we realize that we're blessed to have our family close to us, blessed for everything we have.

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