I'm Done

May 13, 2010
By eli32 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
eli32 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I’m Done
Silence fills the deserted hall.
All I’m left with is unanswered calls.
You tell me you love me and then you go and leave me.
I’ve tried my best to help you out.
It’s not enough; you rely on hit and shout.
I beg and plead, fall on my knees.
I’m hurting on the inside and out.
Can’t you see that I’m in pain?
I’m tired of playing this foolish game.
I try to be strong but you bring me down.
Somehow I always feel as if I weren’t around.
Crushed and broken from your harsh words.
If only I could escape like flyaway birds.
You’re beautiful and sweet until the beast is released.
I try to hide, but there’s no place to run.
Is this your idea of fun?
Well you’re alone and I’m done.

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