Opposites attract

May 13, 2010
By joeysicilian GOLD, Elgin, Texas
joeysicilian GOLD, Elgin, Texas
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I want to go away,
Where the grass is always greener...
Where Heaven always meets Hell...
Where Chaos always meets Order...
Where opposties always attract.
Here is too much Order,
Too much Heaven,
Too much familiarity.
Where is the Heaven or Hell,
Which is always talked about?
Where is the Chaos,
Which is always needed?
Where is the happiness,
When you are depressed?
Where is the answer,
When you don't know why?
Why am I still alive,
When I should be dead?
Now I know there's pain,
Because I know I'm suffering.
But from what?
Where are my answers?
The afterlife must be amazing,
For me to want to go so much...
Who would care?
It doesn't matter,
not anymore.
I fear I've gone crazy.

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