I Failed to Tell You Mommy

June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Withered bones, bruised feet,
No wonder you can sleep.
He sat down beside the window pain,
We all knew he had a different pain.

You told me to watch him from the garage door.
Mommy why can’t you watch him too,
Please mommy, please watch with me.
No baby girl I have stuff to do.

I didn’t wanna tell you he had trouble getting to the car.
Didn’t wanna tell you, he used the walking stick and card.

I couldn’t tell you this was the last dance,
The next morning I had the last chance.
All I could do was stand there stuck in a trance.
Brocken and confused didn’t wanna tell you, I could refuse.
I failed to tell you this was the last dance last chance,
Tell him what you never got too,
I told him I loved him but you loved him more.
You were able to ignore.

The next day you got the call,
A call that could stop every word, every fall.
I told you Mommy.
Well I wish I would have told you.

The author's comments:
I had this feeling my grandpa would pass away, soon right after christmas. I was afraid to tell my mom and the next day he passed away.

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