The Black Parade

June 2, 2010
Here they come.
The damned,
The lost,
The tortured,
And forgotten.
Shadows hiss and squeal,
As they march,
In darkness.
Glassy eyes stare forward.
Pale faces march in the darkness.
The blackness is overhwelming.
"Help us"
"Save us"
"Bring the light"
Hollow voices plead,
With their last remaining shreds,
Of hope.
You stand by as they pass.
Stand by as they scream.
Stand by as they bleed.
Stand by,
They die.
Razors in hand.
Bloodied arms,
Forever stained,
By their pain.
Here they come.
Don't touch them.
Don't help them.
The damned,
The lost,
And the tortured.
Forget them.
Forget their sorrow.
Forget their pain.
"We are forgotten"
"We are lost"
Haunting voices.
Utter darkness.
"Now you are one of us"
"One of us"
"One of us"
Darkness all around.
You feel hopeless.
Torn apart.
With a blade in hand,
You join them.
Join those of the shadows.
Those of darkness.
Those who are forgotten.
Those who are invisible.
You havee joined the Black Parade.
Never to escape.
You can be seen.
But that is a hopeless chance here,
In the Black Parade.

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