June 2, 2010
Laws have no basis in morals even though their enforcers claim to be the righteous kind
So lets move out west to the mountains and see what kind of life we can find
In the big wide expanses of land we can grow what we need and steal what we want
Passer throughs can't traverse these mountains like we have learned to do
Lets be outlaws and forget about society except for what we can find in their demise.

It's not living if you only live by law and never learn for yourself what feels right and what feels wrong
Morals are what separate us from the dogs and the animals of the night
Among all the societal religious liars stealing through the manipulation litigation of law
How can you live in the city where you never see the suns natural rays of beautiful light
John Wilkes Booth might have been a murder but at least he went down in the memoirs of history
For it's better to be wrong, mislead, and confused than to be nothing at all.

Stay away from our Oklahoma claim for we brought enough food for two and coffee that'll last all night
We'll sing our songs, play our tunes, and dream about moving away to the vastness of unexplored space
Jumpers beware we'll shoot on sight sticking a bullet in your brain and forget to dig you a grave
Leaving you for the midnight beasts we'll pack up and go for we're the ginger bread men of crime
We'll move back to the city to cause their demise by making a name for ourselves like Johnny D an' AC
Come many come all for as sure as hell we'll steal a stage coach and move away from all these this.

Let's live by what our love tells our mind is right, living in the reality and surreality of life
It's just where we should be, not in this dirty tenement of crying sorrows with no chance of getting out
Why the hell does anyone like it here in civilization amongst the violence of the civilized
They're just slaves to their wage with not chance of getting out of debt
Let's migrate like a pair of sparrows away from all these sorrows for we have to get out
While getting outs a chance, for my dreams of wings have not been clipped by debt, just yet.

Lets move out west, living in the reality and surreality of life, move back to those mountains we left
Oklahoma I hate you, how did you entice me to leave my mountains no passer through could traverse
We grew what we needed and stole what we wanted only taking advice from society in their demise
All is right with the world again while living in the suns natural rays of beautiful light
For these woods have no laws or righteous enforcers only morals of the heart and beasts of the night
We've burned our names, following our spirits, into the memoirs of history as the gunslinger mavericks
And when our time comes we'll face the storm and dance on the sun like kids.

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Saint_that_Sins This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 13, 2010 at 5:09 pm
this is very very interesting! It hard to say exactly what I think about it, its just very interesting. I like the concept but the writing itself is a bit hard to follow and has a hard time flowing. But over all I liked it.
Vanzetti replied...
Sept. 14, 2010 at 3:54 am
Thank you =) I am very aware of the flow issues but at the same time I enjoy its wordyness so I haven't really made an attempt to edit it down, maybe someday.  Did you read any of my other stuff?
Vanzetti said...
Jun. 30, 2010 at 2:01 pm
Comments and feedback would be awesome =)
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