The Lighthouse

June 2, 2010
By BostonBoy BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
BostonBoy BRONZE, Bellingham, Massachusetts
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"24 hours from greatness, I'm that close. Don't ever forget the moment you began to doubt. "

The waves crashed along the shore,
I sat gazing into the midnight sky just hours before.
Now i was stranded at sea,
Yet there was no one willing to rescue me.
I just hoped and prayed,
Just one time god, show me a way.
My body was cold as the water imprisoned me,
In the distance a flash of light I could now see.
Swimming repetively I reach closer to this hope of light,
God was watching over me, i was going to win this fight.
Few yards away I could picture out what the light was,
A gleam of heaven, it was a lighthouse from up above.
My body became weaker and weaker,
As i began to swim closer and closer.
The waves crashed into me like a heave of bricks,
To the cold murky ocean, i was a stick.
Choking on air i approach the sharp rocks that foundate the lighthouse I strived,
Pushing the contraction of my muscles, I climbed.
Weak and weary from the oceans might,
Finally i lay reaching this burden of light.
The lighthouse saved me today,
Now i was left upon a rock in dismay.

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