June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I watch you walk up, and I try to mirror your motions, so you find me as irresistible as I find you. I’m recreating myself in your image so you recognize the need behind my features as that person who carries love in their arms, waiting to throw to whoever can catch it.

I hear your laugh and the old me vanishes, leaving the girl who is hoping, waiting, loving you. When you leave that little part of me doesn’t vanish so you never leave my thoughts, even when you get buried deep under the earth of my distractions to keep me from falling over with the strength of your smile.

You make my heart swell out of my chest, you make the butterflies in my stomach unbearably wonderful. I think I can fly, I think maybe you allow me to leave this broken world for a while. I think, maybe, I love you.

You make me squirm and blush. You make me clumsy and dreamy and tongue-tied and shy. You make me forget the conversation at hand, the paper on the desk, the clothes in the basket. You turn me scatterbrained no matter how I try to concentrate. You make me the best version of myself, the one who hopes and imagines and believes in the place of the happy ever after, maybe, finally.

This feeling boils its way through my veins and my blood and my heart. You are a part of me now. You can always tell a person who is in love, not by their words but by their eyes, bright and forgiving and excruciatingly lovely.

You lift me up and up and up till I can't breathe but I don't mind. This is what keeps me young. This is what keeps me happy. I'll take this chance, make this last forever, copy this feeling into my memory so when I think about it, I'm flying again.

The author's comments:
I was inspired first by my best friend who would describe love to me. I had never fallen in love and I did not believe her, and I thought she was exaggerating. When I finally fell in love, I knew exactly what she was talking about, and I tried to convey both of our emotions in this. Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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