Intellectual Theft

May 30, 2010
By BlackandBlue BRONZE, Auburn Hills, Michigan
BlackandBlue BRONZE, Auburn Hills, Michigan
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I’m writing as fast as I can,
Yet it isn’t fast enough
Because the back of my mind
Is focused on the hisses at my back

She wants to cheat
She’s already whispered the question number
I try to ignore her
But the hisses keep getting louder

Just one answer, my reasoning says
One answer and she’ll quit the pestering
I’ll be able to concentrate on my work
But in my heart I know how wrong that would be

I feel something hit my head,
It’s a portion of an eraser,
She’ll keep throwing more
Till she gets her answer

It goes against all my morals
But ethics seem of no value
Next to my grades
Is this what I’ve been deduced to?

With a resigned sigh
I shift a bit to the side
I hear the sound of her pencil
As she scribbles the answer down

I knew it was a terrible mistake, yet made it anyway
Now I’ll always carry the burden
That I’d helped a thief
Steal part of my intellect

The author's comments:
Everyone knows cheating is bad. But under the stress of a test one may take this route, or give away answers to someone else to get them to stop bothering you.

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