Anonymous Poem, to My Inspiration

May 29, 2010
By terrong SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
terrong SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I'm stuck trying to eloquate, but whenever I see her face, all of my carefully planned words go to waste. Beauty mixed half and half, woven into… her. Eyes that hypnotize; emerald in color, almond in shape, causing my heart to race. I can almost taste, the sweet sensation of her grasp. And now that she's looked my way, all I can utter or say, is, "Hello dear stranger, whom I wish to know so well. I'd like to take you with me, wherever it may be, that we go. You see, whether it's through the drive-thru of taco bell, into a dirty jail cell, or even the gates of hell, as long as you're there, I'll be fine."

The author's comments:
Well, there was this girl. I fell for her, and made this poem to show how I feel. After a few days, I was going to admit it was me, but sadly, the day I put the note in was the same day she started dating her current boyfriend. If you have something to do, don't wait, because you may lose your chance.

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