The Game of Love

April 22, 2010
By jimmydane34 GOLD, Wood Ridge, New Jersey
jimmydane34 GOLD, Wood Ridge, New Jersey
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Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Have you heard the roars of the evening moon?
As she passes by so soon
walking on the broken hot pavement,
Sweat down your spine,
her hair leaving a hypnotizing scent
while your all shaped out of bent.

what about the midnight cries of the stars?
as she leaves trailing good-byes
sending letters signaling her tired sighs.
wicked evil eyes singing
the late night cries.
Time now standing still under the hot moon
coressing your many broken hearts
as you now run ahead - Knowing this moment is just a start.

Have you seen crystal clear tears drop from wickedness of the black sun?
asking where did this all fall apart.
speculating the hot corners at your blackest hour.
as you now know she holds all your loving power
breaking the lives you once had, you once wished for
insanely you scream "was this future predicted before?!"

have you felt the dancing spirits of two coressing souls love the intimate shooting fires of freedom?
then destroyed by the heartbreak you just received
finding out she never believed.

have you heard the victims of no promising tomorrow?
You suddenly slowly learn through daylight dreams
knowing now what this means.
now washing away the conquered souls that was lost but once found,
wishing her to come around.
but all you revieved was a forever longing frown.

the victim of the lovers pawn has now brought is soul
resting with the lunatics of the night.
her eyes always leaving a trailing scent of a forever fright.
wise-man and his cruel lover was never again
seen in sight.

The author's comments:
A Down hill battle of a man struggling not to see the real truth of where his relationship is going. Pretending nothing is wrong, Denial, has him blinded by the truth but yet still feeling in his heart what his fate will be between the two lovers.

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