Moving on

April 23, 2010
By volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
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"You changed my world with just one smile, you took my heart with just one kiss."

Sometimes its best to move on.
To forget about the one you love.
To continue with your life.
But what do you do when your life doesn’t have a purpose without them in it?
Do you keep moving on?
What if you never feel again because you’ve shut down all your emotions so you cant break?
What if you never love again?
Are we really supposed to give up and just move on?
Pretend like nothing ever happened?
Like you never felt loved and happy before?
I think we should cherish the time we have with the ones we love.
We shouldn’t stop our lives because were heartbroken but we also shouldn’t close ourselves off to others.
I’ve given up on he one I love.
I know he will never love me.
But I can’t forget him and I can’t make myself stop loving him.
He’s my world but I’m trying to keep going.
He’s broken me beyond repair but I try not to think of this.
He’s off with another girl.
They’re happy together.
And all I want is for him to be happy.
I’ll survive this pain but it will never go away.
It’s like a scar on my heart reminding me of what has happened.

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