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May 28, 2010
By ricearonii BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
ricearonii BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"I shoot for the moon but im to busy gazing at the stars"

No right.
No wrong.
I've seen people with no leg or arm
Getting blown up,
and thrown up to the air
Wishing god was their,
but god, sometimes life aint fair.
and you go on and on about your problems
But only you can stop them.

Your parents think your a rotten one.
a bad seed, shouldn't breathe
Drive them to not care,
thats just the weed.

Girl you dont need to cutt yourself, you dont need to bleed.
You feel weird if people see
so you keep it a secret.
lie to me for you.
cuz all you think people will say is "yuck" oh "ew"
but thats you...
and thoughs marks are just the start
just the surface
and i bet you've never herd this
cuz your little worlds just 'Perfect'

Blur this
its just a mess
How am i ever going to find a place to rest.

None the less
your undress
with red lipstick
but you just feel distant
this is a new story
just the beginning
have you realised no ones winning?

why do you act like its a game?
you should feel shame,
people dont like you,
they want you to feel pain
Who will be there for you when you've fallen
yah just keeping calling,
but no answer.
leave a message after the beep
but please stop if your gonna weep.
cuz i dont care to hear you,
dont want to be anywhere near you.

like a little child who fell out of bed.
waking up,
do you still remember what i said?
Its okay just go back to bed.
stop yelling
thats all thats in the kids head

New story,
this ones about a kid named cory
his moms reading him a bed time story,
In his dreams..
reality is he isn't seen.
Because his dads dead
and his moms in bed giving some guy head
and his sisters in her room cutting with led
poor boy hasn't even been fed.
But its okay because we're all just dead.

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