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May 23, 2010
By aceola BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
aceola BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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I am from two different places
From Europe to America
I am from the identity of Florica to Alex
(complicated, dynamic
like putting a puzzle together.)
I am from a place that lives two lives
The dance life and the school life
Whose long days and nights were always filled with joy
As if they never ended

I’m from a confusing story plot
From twisted lies and never-ending rejections
I’m from broken conclusions and new beginnings
And friends family that will stay with me forever
From the good and the bad times we’ve shared
I’m from hot muschi poiana to cold pate
With good family dinners
And hilarious times

I’m from memories
Of struggle and strength
From the first day I was born
To the first friend I met
The struggle I had with communicating and socializing
Under the isolation to learning to let people into my life
The friends I’ve made since have been because of her
They’ve supported me through my hard times
And have gone with me through good and bad
I am from fate because I don’t know what
Would happen to me if I was not in Los Angeles, California

The author's comments:
In English class we were doing a poetry unit and I wrote this poem as part of my poetry project.

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