Beautiful Creatures

May 16, 2010
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Flawless, perfect.

Everything you intended us to be:

Beautiful Creatures.
To a fault.
Not that it was intentional – not at all – an accidental slip of the tongue,

Broken glass,

Blank paper and colourful words:

We are born.
Not that you regret it!

You’d never regret us,

Your creations, your design, your image

and your mistake.
Did I say mistake?


Anything but a joyous surprise.
Waking from your drug induced stupor to find nothing quite where you left it,

Yet exactly where you remember it was.

Like waking after a terrible storm.



And vibrant.

Life is exactly where you recall it but rearranged as the rain saw fit.
Hardly a mistake,

Beautiful accident.
You never quite understood how it happened,

Or why it happened.

We were the chip on your shoulder.

What a moment!

Tables overthrown,

Glass hearts smashed,

Paints scorching,

Canvas burning,

Brushes twisted.

Walls broken, bruised.
We were hardly a mistake.

A beautiful,




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