Me and You

May 16, 2010
By AnDDrew BRONZE, Niantic, Connecticut
AnDDrew BRONZE, Niantic, Connecticut
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Exactly how do you say
When your feelings are true
The thought that never leaves your mind
That 'I love you'

What is it that you love in her
Her looks, her style
Are those the only things
That make you want to stay a while

Or is it much deeper
So deep no one knows
How to say
Or how to show

When she talks do you listen
When she needs you
Will you be right there
To hold her hand through and through

Could you picture yourself
With anyone but her
And if you couldn't
Would you be sure

That the love you share
Can conquer the lowest of lows
And Is the love is strong enough
And as deep as it shows

What if you lose her
And you don't know the reason
Will you still be there to wait
Through the coldest of seasons

One thing I do know
Is true love is true
And if you have faith
She will come back to you

With a love that's never been stronger
Something you just can't explain
No matter how true
There's a happiness that's guarenteed
With a simple 'I love you'

The author's comments:
go with the flow

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