May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

When everything is falling apart inside
And I don't want to fight anymore
I go babysit

When everything I've fought for
goes to pieces in my grasp
I'm called to wash dishes

My life is sturdy as lives go
so it doesn't fall apart easily
Looking at me you'd never know

It's a secret that I hurt, too

Nobody can ever know
and nobody will ever see
So shhhhh

When my pain is intense
and I'm fighting back tears
I'll bathe the dog

If my life feels at its end
and I just want to run screaming
I'll vacuum, too

I laugh when I'm happy
and I laugh when I'm sad
So who can tell the difference?

When you see me cry
You can't tell anyone cause it's a secret

I like to keep everything inside
It's easier that way, I promise
Because nobody has to know

Nobody has to know
there're tears behind my eyes
and screams behind my laughter

Some days it's all good times
Some days, it's not
But you can't tell anyone about the "not"

I'm telling you this secret
because you won't tell anyone
Now only you and me know

One day I'll tell you more
but only if you cross your heart
it'll stay between us

Nobody can know I hurt, too
That would just ruin everything
So shhhhh

The author's comments:
I have a habit of keeping everything inside. It doesn't even have to be big things. My mom can't understand why I didn't tell her I finished another novel or won an award. Sometimes even I can't understand myself, or why I can't just open my mouth.

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