May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Land of the Corn Fields,
Small Communities,
Family Values.
The Perfect Getaway State:

They say that there is almost nothing but field after field, that there is no place to go if

your not in one of the big cities and it is true, there are many cities in America
with bigger populations then the whole state.

And they say that there is nothing to do. No tourist attractions, no big amusement parks,

no water parks, and I believe it; I have traveled through it and have seen almost nothing of the sort

And they say there are almost no sports to watch, no professional teams, only small
minor league teams, and I agree; the lack of sports is bad enough to a point where
most the state cheers for a team hundreds of miles away that hasn’t won a
championship in over 100 years.
And even if there isn’t anything superficial to do; show me another place where a family
can gather in peace, nothing to distract them, no big flashy ad’s hovering over
them wherever they go, no business men on their cell phones talking loudly.

Stars shining bright in the sky, not being blocked by the lights of a metropolitan city, a
place where the moon smiles brighter than anywhere else on the planet.

As gentle as a lamb with a warm comfy covering of wool. Comferting and soothing, like
a day at a spa.



Care Free,


Flat and bare like a newly shaved face,
Singing sweet, soothing songs with the wind just to make everything feel good,
Singing about the corn fields, small communities and family values, and most of all;

The author's comments:
This is a school assignment where we had to mimic a famous poem about Chicago and why it is so great

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on Mar. 11 2011 at 9:31 pm
AmaranthaVoss BRONZE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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You are one of few who appreciates my home state (we do have waterparks, they're just hidden. Thanks!

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