Peanut Butter

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Stuck to the roof of my mouth,
Where do those words go which never come out?
Some fade away gently,
Like sandcastles caressed,
By the ocean waves.
Others dig into your heart,
Like a sharp undertow,
Yearning for you to speak out,
To let someone know.
Alas, these words are still stuck,
Like gobs of peanut butter,
Words like,
"I love you"
and "I'm sorry"
Sometimes it's the words which are the most risky,
Which we end up swallowing down with regret,
Like large pills which don't cure anything at all,
Will there ever be a way,
To pry them out,
And face my fears?
I just hope when I tell you I don't end up in tears,
As the seconds tick by,
I'm about to burst,
And I want to know why,
I feel so unnerved,
So out of control,
Like the way my heart beats when you're near.

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