Custom-Made Perfection

May 25, 2010
By readersRleaders BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
readersRleaders BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The calming music washes over
As I push the creaky cart.
Ignoring the aisle
Of selfish and untrusting
I turn on limbs of love
Carefully, I choose two warm, strong arms
To hold me and protect me as needed.
I scan the shelves and soon find
Two legs capable of sprinting to world’s ends
To make me happy.
On I move, and the pile grows:
Gentle lips to croon my worries away,
Passionate eyes that tell no lies,
(Buy blue and get the second half off)
Giant, rough hands
To warm mine and defend from the unknown,
A brain large enough to not bore me,
A sense of humor to keep me interested,
But the best for last
A heart,
To give mine a reason for beating.
My perfect man
Custom made.

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