May 14, 2010
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Love that we have for our family is much more different then the love we have for our boyfriend/girlfriend, or even our friends. We respect, we care, and we like, but how do you ever know if you’re in love? Where’s the boundary between like and love? There are so many different kinds of like. Like as a friend, like as respect, but when do we know when like becomes love? There is a big difference between liking and loving someone. Love for our families is a much deeper love then we have for our friends. You should always love your family the most. We always like or love someone weather we admit it or not. Love you can’t say. You must realize that family is always bound to us somehow. Even if we don’t like it, they are always our family and we have to deal with it. Sometimes we realize that they aren’t so bad after all.

Most people don’t really care about it, but it’s actually pretty important. If someone gives us the attention we need or like to have it is important. That means they care about us and we should care about them. Our families care about us just as well and would do anything for us. We should be there for them when they need it too. We all need companions in life. Sometimes love can hurt you in many ways some of them ways are as harsh as they can get… like your boyfriend/girlfriend can cheat on you and break your heart. Whenever that happens I go get my nine. Just kidding haha!
Love is a very strong word we can use to describe our feelings. When you say you love somebody you mean that you want to hold them in your arms for the rest of your life. You will sacrifice everything that you have for that one person. You will do anything to get them to love you back. If your in love you could relate to this. But if your not listen to the song”I don’t want to be in love” by Good Charlote.

Yet if you are in love take my advice, DO NOT FALL TOO DEEPLY! You will get hurt. No matter what your boy or girl says, they will end up hurting you in the end.

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