I Am Peter Pan

May 14, 2010
By xManwellax BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
xManwellax BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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Hear me in the night
In the night, I fight
I fight for good
I fight who I should

I fly like a kite
I fly where ever is right
Take my hand, I promise
With a devilish grin
But free of sin
I promise I'll shield you.
My dagger in my hand,
Hook will not stand!

His crew shall not fight what is right
For I am The Great!
Your threats mean nothing
All your evildoers and mates
Will not stand a chance
Against my flying attack dance!
For what lies in wait
Is me, The Great.

I wait up in the sky
In the sails of your ship
My dagger tight in my grasp
Ready for my wrath?

I drop on your head
You're all dead.
And Captain Hook, you have shook.
For I am The Great.
For I am
Peter Pan.

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