The Little Things

May 24, 2010
By saraarchuleta BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
saraarchuleta BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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As I wander through life
Noticing things big and small,
It’s the little things that I love most of all.

A smile or a hug
Can brighten one’s day,
Those are little things that shoo worries away.

Don’t pay any attention
To what puts you down,
Because those are the things that make you frown.

For when you are sad
Just stop and reflect,
On the good things in life, for they have great effect.

Big things mean a lot
Don’t get me wrong.
But it’s the little things that count. They keep you strong.

Life is so fragile,
Don’t waste it away!
Make the little things count, in their own little way.

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