A promise

May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

A friend so charming,
With feelings that carry love,
Understanding the soft beat of my heart.

Every word so tightly locked,
A velvet box holds my secrets.
A promise is said and thrown out the window,

Swiftly, it flies so far on the horizon.
The sun will soon touch its surface.

Secrets unveiled for the promise is forgotten,
But oh no...
You have done nothing wrong!

I am only "crazy," for you are my "angel."
It's only my mind,you say,
For all you did was promise your secrecy.

And all you've done is betray me.
This is true, you've not done much,
You've only succeded in blinding me from the truth,

Something so "hard" to give,
Now we skip through the halls,
you soak in my thoughts, opinions, and words.

Back turned on the innocent.
You begin to plan your escape,
It is time,
You whisper the promise in my ear.

So soft are your convincing words.
Now i am left alone to sit at my desk,
Laughter softly escapes from others,

You have succeeded in spilling my life out.
How fast you act against your words!

I never knew...
But I should have known,
I never cared,
But i should have realized...

How fast a promise is broken.

The author's comments:
I never knew,
But i should have known...
How fast a promise is broken.

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