Special Child

May 24, 2010
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Every Tuesday afternoon he sits at the park,
on the same swing, the one farthest to the right.
He always enjoys an chocolate covered ice cream cone with nuts covering it.
This particular Tuesday its very windy but the sun is shining.
He likes to observe his surroundings.
He takes everything in, like an actor in Hollywood for the first time.
On one occasion he told some people about his acute case of autism.
That makes sense considering he’s so observant to his surroundings but distant from people.
When at home everything has to be neat and in place.
On his twin bed the pillow is always fluffed perfectly, and the blankets and precisely layed out.
He had pictures of his grandparents in his room.
They were his primary guardians through his life.
It was obvious he loved them dearly, every Sunday he would visit them at the Luthern Home for lunch, and the rest of the afternoon.
They always played cards and chatted about current events.
Grandma always told him how proud she was of him because he grew up to be such a fine man, all on his own and everything,
She was sad that she wasn’t able to stay with him any longer, because deep down she knew he wasn’t ready to be all alone.
Grandpa always thought his boy was capable of anything and always assured grandma to stop worrying about him.
After a wonderful afternoon with his grandparents, he went home and made himself whatever he wanted for dinner.
Sundays were special, grandma always made him whatever meal he wanted, which was mostly pizza.
But today he changed his mind and made hotdogs,
He often felt lonely be he always knew his life would be like this.
He was content its not like he didn’t have friends.
He has a job at the local library, he puts away the books, and he does a very good job of it.
After his meal he drank a cup of tea and watched the moon rise and all the beautiful stars come out.
Before he knew it he was in bed, gazing out the window and his eyes slowly closing
Good night Bud.

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