May 21, 2010
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it's funny how a crowd at an accident never grumbles as you push past them
no “excuse me-coming through” is needed
the people draw by curiosity let you rush through
anything to stop them from actually seeing what happened

they're not really sure why they came
it's not as if they wish to watch someone in pain
maybe they're just there to make it all seem more dramatic
when the person that really cares comes dashing in

or maybe, they don't even know what is going on
maybe they thought it wasn't an accident
maybe they thought it was something nice
like a clothing sale, or a magician doing free tricks

but some people did know it was an accident
maybe they even saw what happened
and only came over when other people started to
too afraid to go alone

this doesn't make sense to me
why would you run to look at someone while their hurt
and why would you crowd around why not call someone for help
why not do something, anything other stand and stare

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