what is life?

May 21, 2010
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What is it called when grass grows,
Or when a trees root is in the ground
What is it when a child laughs?
Or when someone gets arrested?

What is it when you’re sad,
or just not in the mood,
all of this is just one thing
its what life is

life is a journey you take,
certain path you are assigned.
Weather you are good or bad,
Life is a long road.

But what happens when life encounters
Nothing because life over powers death

Life is like a flower,
Or a plant,
You start out as an infant,
Then blossom to a adult.

What happens break a bone,
Or get in an accident.
All of this is still life,
Life is what you make it.

No one can tell you otherwise,
Cause life is your path no one else’s.
This is life,
Good plus bad times. But life is an adventure.
I don’t want it to end.

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