Dead Fish

May 14, 2010
These fish are dead
As you can see, they are not alive
Into the ocean, they will never be able to take another dive
Or give one another each a high-five

Cha Ching! The sound of a cash register is heard
These now dead fish are bought by a nerd
At least they are safe from the evil bird
Sadly it is too late, they are already dead

These poor fish are as dead as a rock
For some strange reason, the nerd put them by a clock
The fish are a smelly sock
They just sit there as the clock goes tick-tock

After what seems like one million days
The nerd threw the dead fish into the oven
He was making sushi for his little brother Devon

The sweet n sour sushi was substantulous
In case you didn't know, that means delicious
These dead fish are now in little fishy heaven
But they are also in Devon's small intestine

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