May 23, 2010
By RaceMar BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
RaceMar BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
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A partially cloudy day.
The feeling that turns inside of me,
Like a summer rain,
Or a winter sun.

I despise her stupid laugh,
So let the quake destroy
The hurricane eat and
The lightning roar

But I hate it when he kisses her.
So let the rays shine
The flowers bloom
And the warmth settle.

But as soon as summer comes.
I feel like winter,
Because I remember all the rain she brought.

A chance? Or was it two or maybe three?
Only she was mother nature then,
And the weather was me.

The author's comments:
To whomever it may concern,
I’m submitting this article to a magazine because I feel that it is a piece of art that can convey what the character in the poem is feeling. I think the piece also has great uses of metaphor. I think the use of weather to convey how the narrator is feeling is very effective in showing the reader rather than telling. Being a writer is not my ambition in life, but trying to change someone’s life is. If my poetry being read can help relate to someone’s life, I will feel I am a successful writer.

The origin of this poem began in creative writing class. In need for inspiration, I turned to my friend’s love life. While love is the most clichéd and overused topic in poetry, I feel that if I tried tackling it from a different angle it would be effective. The poem is about a guy who is fair weathered (no pun intended) towards a girl. When he has her, he always wants more, but when he sees her with another guy he is content with her.

I do not consider myself a poet. I consider myself a songwriter. This poem is my way of trying to branch away from song writing and into the world of poetry. I’m 17 years old, and I don’t want to limit myself just yet. If this piece is in any way appealing to you, then please publish it. I just want to know if someone out there can relate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Race Mar

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