The Fine Line Betrayal

May 18, 2010
I find no place to call my home,
You always said turn to me if nobody else.
Counting the days in my head until this will be over
Not knowing that it could potentially take a life.
You sit back, waiting in agony, wondering if it will ever disappear.
It was never known to be the nice one in the relationship
Creating enemy lines where there once was perfection
Under your skin you itch to get it out
So quick and so fast you begin to bleed.
The demons are coming to get you, eventually
But still, you lie back and wait for it to take over
You won’t even take the fighting chance
You face the death with a calm expression
How else are you supposed to feel?
When you know that this is all your fault
You saw the warning signs of red and black,
But now black exists under your skin
What are you supposed to do know?
I say, you can always turn to be if nobody else
Afterall, this is the hypocritical betrayal you once played with me
You made me stop so the danger wouldn’t proceed.
Now look at you…I think you should take your own advice
Just stop, stop fighting it, let it take you over,
You let the problem take over to create this
So fast you can hardly breath now.
The demons are coming faster than you can fade into the white light
You can’t even distinguish people from shadows, as you slip into yours
That’s all you are after all.
Just a shadow that seems to exist on my wall for the remainder of time
What should I remember of you after this?
Nothing, nothing at all.
Just your fine line betrayals.

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