Give Me, Show Me

May 18, 2010
Give me your Eager:
Your Naive and expectant.
Catalysts in the making:
Ready to change the world
And doing all they can.

Give me youre Thoughtful:

Your polite, quiet, little souls
Tired of invisibility-
Ready to release collected energy, fury.
Ready to soar:
Hearts of Fire,
Eyes of Steel.

Give me your Independent:
Your unusual, quirky, and daring-
Determined to overcome,
The ones jumping up and down,
In an attempt to be heard and to find themselves
So not to be lost in the hustle of the world.

Give me your Dreaming:
Your crazy, creative, and unafraid-
Unable to believe that its impossible,
Happy to keep thier heads above the clouds.
For over the Storm is an ever-clear turquoise sky.

Show me these:
The Revolutionists (rebellious, overachieving innocents)
The Pretty Little Ones (obsessive, serious, violent, loud, fakes)
The Individuals (attention-seeking, distracted, funny-looking weirdos)
The Dreamers (insane, crackpot, eccentric wackos)
The Leaders
The creators of the future.
Show them to me.
Then, take a look for yourself.

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