Starlit Rapture

May 18, 2010
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Deep inside the dregs
Of the night
All hues are drained
From our sight.
Darkness lurks
Around every bend
The sinister malpractice
I can't comprehend.
Shadow stalks
With stealth in the pitch
The night-time is tranquil
I'm enchanted, I'm bewitched.
Nature barks out
With a shrill, sheer cry
As illumination casts down
As the moon does arise
The contrast is blinding
Lunar searchlights in the sky.
The clock ticks industrious
The time of the night clearly in view
My thoughts still the same
Though the clock reads half-past-two.
Dawn breaks steadily
Sunlight piercing my eyes
Through the night
My thoughts never died.
My heart knows
These term
As the day delivers me
From the shade-veiled nation
So will your love
That ever stands firm.
You fill my cup of satisfaction
To overflow
I adore you as I have
Since long ago.
Higher than a gull
Ever has flew
Expresses my affection
Towards you.
All that I am,
My body, my heart
They are your's to cherish
They've been from the start.
Your love sublime,
Flawless to me,
When you say "I love you,"
My heart is happy.

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