May 20, 2010
Click. Click click click click. Click. Click click.
Whrrr - Bang! (slam)

An elegantly entwined configuration of candy striped filaments,
wires tangled, untangled, spliced, and plugged.
So much thought, so much precision,
so much calculation of minuscule electronic eccentricities
is stuffed, with complete and carefully ordered confusion,
into such a tiny silver box.
Within all of its exactness, is a sentience,
a recognizable attitude, certainly,
built into the layers of exquisite computation.
In the combination of motors and convoluted circuitry,
interlocking gears and reeling wheels
there is some sort of experimental sensibility
as it scutters (skitters), slides, rolls, and slams,
like an oversized metal rodent, with a chainsaw.

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