The First Day of Summer

May 20, 2010
By kirby446 BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
kirby446 BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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Wake up and think where you would be,
If you were at school instead of right here.
But you won’t be at school for another three months,
Three months soon to be filled with many new memories.

All year long everyone has been waiting for this moment,
Whether you’re a kid in school or an adult.
The winter daydreams will soon be a reality,
When your feet are resting in the hot beach sand.

No worries or stress coming your way,
No need to have a care in the whole world.
This time is yours, to make special memories,
To kick back, relax, and enjoy.

There’s a million things planned out to do,
Days at the pool, the mall, and the theater.
There’s a hundred trips you’ve been thinking about,
Being able to just get away for awhile sounds great.

Chilling by the pool with friends,
Soaking in the sun with a cold drink in your hand.
Got your sunglasses on, and your smile is wide,
This is how it should be all the time.

At the mall you can shop about or hang out,
It’s a good place to search for summer trends.
Next to the theater to catch that flick,
That you have been waiting for the past few months.

Outside the sky is bright blue and sunny,
The birds are singing their sweet sounding songs.
Its time for the shorts and tanks to come out,
And to put the hoodies and jeans away.

The humming birds and dragonflies zip throughout the air,
The bees buzz from one flower to the next and the world is filled with color.
The children laugh and run around in the freshly cut grass,
The dog chases them and wags his happy tail.

And in the park you see the happy couple,
Her hand in his, his hand in hers.
They smile just because they are together,
Behind them is the sunset shining its brightest most beautiful colors.
And on the rainy days, you know you’ll keep smiling,
A rainbow is on its way.
Playing in the puddles, splashing with friends,
Hoping that the day will never go away.

Sitting around the fire pit with the people you love the most.
Telling ghost stories and making s’mores is what the evenings are about.
The night is warm with just a slight breeze,
An aroma of barbeque drifts over from next door.

Every night, on every block, a party can always be found,
Dancing, joking, and chilling with best friends.
Everyone sharing each brand new moment,
It doesn’t seem like the night will ever end.

But everything comes to an end sooner or later,
It’s OK, you know that this summer has only begun.
You curl up in bed, cuddling with your days memories,
As the first day of summer kisses you good-night.

The author's comments:
School is out in a few days, and this idea has been in my head. Writing this made me even more excited for summer fun.

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