Space Ambition

May 20, 2010
By Kelstree44 BRONZE, Ashville, Ohio
Kelstree44 BRONZE, Ashville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Stay Gold"

I want to defy gravity,

I want to feel the stars, Rembrandt light,

shine like gold on my skin.

I want to soar throughout the clouds,

and when I reach space. My hand will be

the one to grasp the planets and align

them perfectly.

One day I will surf on Saturn's rings,

And breathe in the dust from Jupiter's

storms. And while standing in the eye

of a storm, for a brief moment,

feel time wrap itself around me.

I will contradict Newtons laws,

proving them wrong. I will soar above

the clouds and rest my head on a billow

in the buttermilke nighttime sky.

I'll converse with the moon and

play hide-and-seek with the sun.

When my dreams end, and the

cannon ball of reality comes rushing

back, I know that someday I will reach

that ecstasy, but until my dreams become

actuality, I will just exist in this sublunary world.

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