To The Earth

May 20, 2010
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I am kisses on the eyelids,
I used to fall asleep to lullabies.
I wasn't scared of darkness, monsters were not green
they were silent.
I am not yours, silence.
I am silky blades of grass and the mud on my hands,
I am young.
Like your dreams of tomorrow are young.
Like the tree my Grandfather planted in my yard.
I will grow as it grows.
I am the stars that have exploded,
they are now just useless, just dust.
I am just dust in your memories, I am as young as you need me to be,
I hope you remember.

I remember winter
when I told my mother the clothes on my back were barriers,
I want to be naked.
I want to freeze my toes to the snow and be connected.
To the earth, brown like your eyes, I want to feel it.
"I want to feel everything."

I would have danced until I died if they let me.
I would have danced all winter.

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