For Why

May 20, 2010
By , louisville, KY
I wish I knew what they could possibly be thinking
Do they not care?
Do they not realize?
Or is it that they like to torment me
There is no subtleness
They hide little
Right in front of me…
This pain….
She laughs and smiles
From the start that’s all I wanted
But says she's not happy
I've seen the tears
I've seen the cuts
None have happened since I left
I follow every outline
Yet my eye for details let one slip
She didn’t love me
So now I'm the one falling
Deep down in to this emotional abyss
I thought she was telling me everything now…
I guess I was wrong
But to realize things in such a way
To find things out myself hurts
More than if the words had left her mouth
I was once happy… maybe I shouldn’t have gotten involved

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