Love Can Last a Lifetime

May 20, 2010
You are like a dream to me,
Your voice comes off like honey on your lips.
I long to see your smile,
So radiant and full of life,
Like the Sun’s blazing rays.

I dream about the day,
You will ask me to be yours.
For that day has not come yet.
But I know it will happen,
For you have said so yourself.

So I wait,
And count the days that go by.
The minutes we spend,
Explaining who we are,
Telling our every secret.

I have told you,
Things I have never told before.
I trust you with all my heart,
And pray you’ll keep it safe,
For it has been shattered like a sheet of glass.

You are the light of my life,
My shinning star.
Every moment I spend with you,
Is like a gift from God.
You are my guardian angel.

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