Big sista

May 20, 2010
By TracyMarieK SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
TracyMarieK SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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Hey, big sista Twacy, did you know?
Did you know I follow you
like baby ducks
follow deir mama?

Did you notice that when you jumperope
I jumperope too?
And when you go to da liberry
to weed, I try to weed too?

When we play aiwplanes
I bumpded into you.
You are a tattatoo
you never wear off

When we watched love movies
two people kissed!
Dat was auscustin!

Dahh! Dun dun dahh!
I have a singie for you!
A bolleyball!
Even though you don't play bolleyball

You laugh when I sing
"Shawty's like a melody in my head,
got me singin' na na na every day
cuz my eyeballs are stuck in replay!"

We go to da mall
to use your gif ferficafite
den we go on a fieldtrip!
To the crapbox!

I had fun with you
on our bacation
in Chicazo!
We went to the top of the John Hancuff building!

I'll always be your little brother
It sounds like there's a 'f' in dere
but that's because I have no teefh.

And I'll always be your little sister
With a really high-pitched voice
and you can call me squekers!

One day, you won't be in arms reach.
One day, you'll be in college.
I wanna hear from you
that one day.
I wanna make you understand
to me
you're still my big sista

The author's comments:
I wrote this and preformed it at a poetry slam, so it sounds kind of weird. But it's written from my little siblings point of view, so the words aren't proper english because that's how they say them.

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