Let the Hurt Be Gone

May 20, 2010
By Emily1244772 SILVER, Tullahoma, Tennessee
Emily1244772 SILVER, Tullahoma, Tennessee
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Bloody hands,
Tired eyes,
And bruised arms,
Sliced minds,
This is what the world looks for.
This is its main attraction,
What brings it glee.

Broken hearts,
Shattered dreams,
And forgotten memories,
Invaded thoughts,
Thoughts of lust and hatred,
Dishonesty and distrust,
These are examples of sin.
This is what brings the lies about.

Snapped bones and hungry lips,
Bodies going down roads of pain and fears,
The soiled foot withers and slips,
It’s about to die from pain and tears.

Do you want a cure for the pain?
Or someone to heal your broken heart?
Someone who’ll take your cane,
And heal your bones.
Or someone who knows your hurt?

Do you need a friend?
Who’s not back-stabbing or dishonest?
Someone who you can reach to,
Tell everything to.
Let me tell you,
What He can do.

The poor becoming wealthy,
Mouths are being fed,
Bodies becoming healed,
Words are being said,
And vocals are being heard.
This is what He can make.

When you look at your bloody hands,
What you’re really looking at is what He did for you.
When you think of the lies and hatred,
What you’re going through is what he sacrificed for you.

Those bones that are breaking,
Are really His snapping like twigs?
As the nails are forced in.
The back stabbings of your friends,
The same happened to Him.

Have you ever told a lie?
Have you killed one of His people?
Ever gotten high?
Or committed adultery?
Ever said some things that you know shouldn’t have been said?

He takes it and puts it in a bottle,
Opens the door to Hell,
He throws it in as if to throttle it,
To squeeze it tight,
And leave it to dwell,
In a life of Hell.

You’re hurting,
You’re bleeding,
You’re screaming,
For someone to hear.

You’re cutting,
You feel like no one’s there.
You’re overdosing,
You don’t know of another pain killer.

You don’t have to have an education,
Or a college degree,
For this beautiful gift of eternity.
Good works won’t get you in,
Nor will money or gold.

You can’t find the golden ticket,
You can’t get the gift of wisdom,
Or be as strong as Him.
He’s the strongest, best one out there.
He’s the only way,
To escape the agony.

He’s there,
In times of hurt and depression.
He’ll keep you on your feet,
And on the right path,
All you have to do,
Is ask.

You have to be willing,
To turn your life over,
And give it to Jesus,
The One who gave it all for you.

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